Laboratory Services

Over 200 years of combined experience in histological services

Our quality control program begins with our own internal monitoring of all lab work that is done daily, weekly and monthly and is backed up by CLIA certification and American Society of Dermatopathology quality assurance programs.

Commitment to treat each section with the utmost personal respect, bearing in mind that each biopsy represents a patient’s life

H&E staining is done with Tissue Tek Prisma resulting in the highest quality stain ensuring the patient receives the most accurate diagnosis possible. The Prisma Stainer has the capability to carry out multiple staining protocols simultaneously for optimal staining performance.

State of the art microtomes, embedding centers, processors, special strainers and bar-coded slide and cassette printers are used to ensure the highest standard of laboratory medicine practice. standard of laboratory medicine practice

Our Ventana Bench Mark Ultra Staining system provides users with superior results of IHC and DIF studies through consistency and reliability. All of the equipment has the ability to expand test menus which allows for a broad scope of available antibodies as well as a continuous workflow.